1. Industrial Mathematics

    Applied to industrial challenges, mathematics provides insight at a relatively low cost, identifying possibilities and limitations of processes and equipment. Teknova provides expertise required for mathematical modelling, numerical simulations, cybernetics, signal processing and statistics. This makes it possible to understand, control, develop and improve production processes, as well as designing and manufacturing equipment.

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  2. News & Events

    1. Cleantech Agder 2015

      New Cleantech Conference to Agder

    2. Process Intensification for a Greener Industry

      11. august 2015 - Creative Meeting Center, Terje Løvås vei 1, Sørlandets Teknologipark, Grimstad

    3. Water Management

      The Green Shift, an opportunity for Agder Climate change and population growth causes global challenges; among the most important is shortage of clean water. For Agder, this is an opportunity to take part in solving a fundamental problem.

    4. Mathematical tools for redesign of high temperature processes to meet future requirements

      Teknova has been awarded a competence project within the Research Counsil of Norway’s programme BIA. BIA funds industry-oriented research and has no thematic restrictions. This broad-based programme supports high-quality R&D projects with good business and socio-economic potential. In cooperation with the industrial partners Eramet, Elkem and Alcoa, and the academic partners NTNU, University of Oxford and University of Santiago the Compostela, we will approach the challenges regarding Mathematical tools for redesign of high temperature processes to meet future requirements.

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