1. Industrial Mathematics

    Applied to industrial challenges, mathematics provides insight at a relatively low cost, identifying possibilities and limitations of processes and equipment. Teknova provides expertise required for mathematical modelling, numerical simulations, cybernetics, signal processing and statistics. This makes it possible to understand, control, develop and improve production processes, as well as designing and manufacturing equipment.

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  2. News & Events

    1. Top international speakers to CBM workshop

      Top international speakers at Teknova’s CM/CBM workshop Building an aircraft that looks after itself

    2. Bygningsintegrerte solceller for Norge

      Bygningsintegrerte solceller for Norge Prosjektet "Bygningsintegrerte solceller for Norge" (BIPV Norway) med støtte fra Norges forskningsråd er i oppstartsfasen, og er et samarbeid mellom forskningspartnerne SINTEF Byggforsk, SINTEF Materialer og kjemi, Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet (NTNU), Teknova og Institutt for energiteknikk (IFE), samt bedriftspartnerne Statsbygg, Glass og fasadeforeningen, Omsorgsbygg, Backegruppen, Rambøll, Asplan Viak, NorDan, Isola, Getek Solar og FUSen.

    3. Explosion proof optical lenses & windows

      During this project, the team composed of Teknova researchers and Hernis engineers have defined the optical prescription required on the protective lenses. The team moved then to identify a manufacturing process that could be cost effective and reproductive.

    4. Teknova names new research group Clean Technologies

      Teknova's recent efforts in project Cleantech Agder in combination with a consistent environmental technology project portfolio lead to the formation of a new research group last month.

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