1. Industrial Mathematics

    Applied to industrial challenges, mathematics provides insight at a relatively low cost, identifying possibilities and limitations of processes and equipment. Teknova provides expertise required for mathematical modelling, numerical simulations, cybernetics, signal processing and statistics. This makes it possible to understand, control, develop and improve production processes, as well as designing and manufacturing equipment.

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  2. News & Events

    1. Kurs i kunstig intelligens, velferdsteknologi/ehelse, mekatronikk og big data

      Få dypere innsikt i fire faglige temaer fra UiAs undervisning: Tirsdag 20. mars kl 18.00-20.00

    2. NORCE - A pioneer in Norwegian Research and Innovation

      The company's formal registered company name will be Norwegian Research Centre AS. In NORCE, the leading research companies in southern Norway merge into a research giant that will make this area of Norway a leader in research, innovation and value creation. With its headquarters located in Bergen, NORCE will gather the forces of the Bergen-based Uni Research AS and Christian Michelsen Research AS, International Research Institute of Stavanger AS headquartered in Stavanger and Agderforskning AS and Teknova AS in southern Norway. NORCE was established this autumn under the preliminary project name Forskningsselskapet SørVest AS, and has recently employed Elisabeth Maråk Støle as CEO. Now the brand name is also in place.

    3. Vacancy at Teknova within Industrial Testing

      Teknova is a research and innovation institute located in the Agder region. The institute carries out private and/or public funded interdisciplinary projects for the industry, environment, and energy sectors. The main mission of Teknova is to bridge research with the technological trends and develop innovative solutions to our partners and customers.

    4. Managing director of Forskningsselskapet SørVest AS

      Elisabeth Maråk Støle comes from the position as managing director of Møreforskning AS. She was born in 1968, is a graduate economist and has broad experience from industry, business and research, and is very familiar with the university and university college sector. She has extensive management experience and holds a number of directorships in private and state-owned companies.

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