1. Industrial Mathematics

    Applied to industrial challenges, mathematics provides insight at a relatively low cost, identifying possibilities and limitations of processes and equipment. Teknova provides expertise required for mathematical modelling, numerical simulations, cybernetics, signal processing and statistics. This makes it possible to understand, control, develop and improve production processes, as well as designing and manufacturing equipment.

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  2. News & Events

    1. ‘Like being at a Jimi Hendrix concert’

      Leading international rope experts drew a specialist crowd to a three-day seminar in Kristiansand.

    2. Teknova is a member of euRobotics AISBL (Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif)

      euRobotics Aisbl has over 250 Member Organisations representing all sectors involved in Robotics, i.e. research organisations, universities, manufacturers, system integrators, end users, etc.

    3. French students - Internship at Teknova

      Teknova is hosting three French students for a period of two months. This is a collaboration with CFAI Aquitaine.

    4. How sensors can improve your business

      Experts from Germany, England, USA and Norway are among the speakers at the On-board sensing for smart components workshop in Grimstad.

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