Dr. Kjetil Martin Stuland's award for exelent research

This award was established as a 3 years program, 2012 - 2014. An important criterion for the award was that the research work should be relevant for the region.

The first prize was awarded to Dr. Roger Norman at Agderforskning for his research in regional development, and high level of quality on published international articles in recent years. In his work, he has analyzed how innovative political instruments can be used to steer development within a region.

 The second prize was awarded to Dr. Boyan Yuan at Teknova for her work within electrochemistry and the publication “Direct Electrolytic Reduction of Hematite Pellets in Alkaline Electrolyte for Iron Production”, which she published in cooperation with G.M. Haarberg. The article was published in Electrochemical Transactions in 2014.

In 2014, the prize was awarded to Dr. Thore Jarle Sørensen, Teknova, for his work within development of new theory for crystallization. 10 years ago, he challenged the over 100 years old crystallization theories, but was met with skepticism. After having been called on by highly regarded experts within the area to continue his good work, Dr. Sørensen recently published fundamentally important result based on the findings back in time, and, new articles are now in the writing.

Teknova and Agderforsking is most grateful towards Dr. Stuland for his initiative to promote excellent research within the two institutes. For more facts about Dr. Stuland, se facts below.


Dr. Kjetil Martin Stuland, together with local companies, actively contributed to the establishment of the research institute Teknova. He has extensive knowledge and expertise within research, and for 4 years, he was Teknova’s CEO.

In 2012, Dr. Stuland announced a research award of kr. 25.000,- funded by his company, to stimulate researchers at Teknova and Agderforskning to publish their work on international level.  Teknova and Agderforskning are both research institutes in the region of Agder. Teknova’s research area is within Technology, Agderforskning work within the field of Social science research.