French students - Internship at Teknova

Teknova is hosting three French students for a period of two months.
This is a collaboration with CFAI Aquitaine.

Pierre Desmond
Method engineer in maintenance and aeronautics mechanics, specialize in general mechanic - Apprentice
—Working for the French Air Force.
—Project in France : reorganization of maintenance department, setting up a new maintenance strategy.
—Project at Teknova : Creation of a comparative chart listing and sorting the different machine monitoring sensors used on boats and marine structures. In addition the student will contact boat owners as well as sensors vendors to understand the added value of the monitoring system in place. From the data collected the student will create a blue ocean chart and evaluate the potential marketability of Prophecy.  (Prophecy is Teknova’ s monitoring system).
Lilian Calliot
——Developer and project manager - Apprentice
—Engineer in training in Networks and Information Systems.
—Technical university diploma in Networks and Telecommunications
—Project in France:  Working at Orange enterprise as project and team manager for the development of intern cloud hosting offers for development and production servers with VMware virtualization, and automatic deployment and configuration of Red Hat and Windows Server machines.
—Project at Teknova : Migrate Teknova’s project ideasheet systems from an excel base system to an online (web) system with more functionality based database.
Alexandre Lefranc
—Application engineer - Apprentice
—Engineer in training in Networks and Information Systems.
—Technical university diploma in Computer Sciences.
—Project in France: Working at EDF on the creation of a web application for access authorization requests to nuclear plants.
Project at Teknova: —Working at Teknova AS to create a video which presents latest sensors technology after testing them.