Model Based Design and Data Analysis with MATLAB and Simulink

Teknova and Mathworks will arrange a joint complimentary seminar the 21st of May on model based design and data analysis using MATLAB and Simulink.

The MATLAB and Simulink software platforms provide a rich environment for data analytics and model-based design.
In this seminar, we will examine how the capabilities of MATLAB and Simulink can be applied to the offshore industry.

08:30 - 12:00, 21 May 2015
Sørlandet Kunnskapspark
Gimlemoen 19
4630 Kristianstad, Norway

Strengthen Engineering Workflows using MathWorks Tools - Graham Dudgeon, MathWorks
Learn how companies can use MathWorks tools to strengthen their engineering workflows to address complexities and increase innovation

Model-Based Design – Modeling, Simulation and Code Generation using Simulink - Kristian Lindqvist, MathWorks
Explore by example how the different steps of Model-Based Design can be used to optimize the development process

Modelling and Nonlinear Control of a Physical System - Espen Oland, Teknova AS
See the solution for the challenging problem of physical modeling and advanced nonlinear control design for a gas turbine

For more information and to register, please click HERE.