Teknova’s Dr. ing. Svenn Anton Halvorsen joins European network for Mathematics for Industry, MI-NET.

Dr. ing. Halvorsen, chief scientist at Teknova AS, joins the Management Committee as one of two representatives from Norway. Together with Prof. Elena Celledoni, NTNU, Dr. ing. Svenn Anton Halvorsen is looking forward to promote the use of mathematics towards industrial challenges.

Teknova’s Dr. ing. Svenn Anton Halvorsen joins European network for Mathematics for Industry, MI-NET.

Mathematics underpins all of modern science and technology but advances in mathematical research are often not fully utilized to the benefit for industry. The objective for MI-NET is to create a Europe-wide partnership to promote collaboration in, and the benefits of, industrial mathematics.

The network will coordinate and support Industrial Workshops, European Study Groups with Industry (ESGI), Modelling Weeks, and Short-Term Scientific Missions to both academic and industrial hosts. Exploiting the mathematical knowledge and methodologies of academics will provide European industry with a competitive advantage. Universities will benefit, as mathematicians are able to focus on practically relevant and cutting edge research problems. Particular attention is given to develop problem solving and communications and networking skills for novice researcher.

CEO Dr. Klaus Schöffel adds: “This is an additional step in strengthening Teknova’s position as a center for industrial mathematics, and is an excellent complement to our strategic partnerships in industrial mathematics with Oxford university and Santiago de Compostela”.

MI-NET, Mathematics for Industry Network, is a COST Action  funded project, which aims to facilitate more effective widespread application of mathematics to all industrial sectors, by encouraging greater interaction between mathematicians and industrialists.

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For more background on the MI-NET representatives:

Dr. Ing. Svenn Anton Halvorsen: http://teknova.no/management/dr-svenn-anton-halvorsen

Elena Celledoni: http://www.ntnu.no/ansatte/elenac