Top international speakers to CBM workshop

Top international speakers at Teknova’s CM/CBM workshop

Building an aircraft that looks after itself

Top international speakers to CBM workshop

How do you build an aircraft that looks after itself? Finding the answer to this question is the vision of one of the UK’s leading technology institutions, Cranfield University.

Professor Ian K. Jennions, from Cranfield University, will give a presentation at Teknova’s specialist workshop in Grimstad in June, to explain the benefits of condition monitoring (CM) and condition based maintenance (CBM).

Jennions is an enthusiastic CBM ambassador, but with a balanced view on the upside and downside of its practical application.

“The concept of condition monitoring and condition based maintenance is very appealing. Being able to use the full life of components in an asset would seem to make good economic sense. There are, however, several barriers to the implementation of CBM. And, in some cases, CBM can increase – not decrease – cost”, Jennions explains.

In civil aerospace, CM is sometimes used in addition to a strict scheduled maintenance system. Some components have their condition monitored by sensors, others are checked at set intervals by skilled personnel and replaced if needed. 

“If sensors indicate that a component needs replacement between fixed maintenance intervals, the aircraft will be out of service in addition to the fully scheduled maintenance times. Introducing CBM alongside scheduled maintenance can, in some cases, increase cost”, Jennions says.

The solution seems pretty obvious: Scrap the old maintenance system and introduce a new system where all maintenance is based on condition (CBM). - Not so fast, says Jennions.


“Components have various life expectancies so they don’t break down simultaneously. In an effort to extract full life out of a component, we would probably send aircraft to the hangar more often than we would when components are replaced at fixed intervals, even if they have more life in them”, says Jennions.


CBM is still at an early stage. Some industries have a decade of experience, other are just now finding an interest in CBM. Teknova’s specialist workshop is aimed at CM/CBM in the oil and gas sector, drawing on the best available international competence to enlighten the attending. 

“For two days, we aim to bring forward the technical and economic aspects of CBM and prognostics and health management (PHM) to the oil and gas industry, by exploring knowledge already developed in other industries. The workshop will be punctuated by technical and economic talks”, says Dr. Thomas J.J. Meyer, Business Development Manager at Teknova.


The target audience for the specialist workshop includes managers, executives and chief scientists in the oil and gas sector. The communication level at the workshop will be adapted to non-specialists on CBM and PHM.


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