Condition Based Maintenance

Understanding Modern Maintenance

Technology including advanced sensors and monitoring systems enables continuous on-line monitoring of equipment and processes.

Condition Based Maintenance

Teknova and its associated business partner Green Power Monitoring Systems (US) have 15 years of R&D experience related to maintenance systems within industries such as offshore drilling, renewable energy and aviation.

The knowledge base includes conventional methods within condition monitoring (CM), such as thermography, vibration and tribology. Research within emerging technologies include ultrasonic, acoustic emission, eddy current thermography and fibre Bragg gratings. The vision is to create industrial advantages for customers through advanced tailor-made research based solutions for CM and condition based maintenance (CMB) technology.

Teknova has developed an interactive solution to facilitate the understanding of modern CM techniques. This tutorial includes discussions on advanced diagnostics techniques for mechanical systems, with several examples of data and interactive analysis based on real cases.

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Spectrum vs.




Shaft / Gear


Bearing Analysis


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