• Anne Gerd Imenes

    Anne Gerd Imenes

    Senior Researcher

    Telephone: 0047 4729 3203
    E-mail: anim(a)norceresearch.no

    Anne Gerd Imenes majored as Cand. Scient. in Environmental Physics at the Norwegian University of Life Science (UMB) in 1999, and holds a PhD degree in Applied Physics from the University of Sydney in 2006. She was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Solar Energy Centre of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Newcastle, Australia and worked briefly as a researcher there, before returning to Norway at the end of 2008. Anne Gerd has worked at Teknova since January 2009, and currently holds a part-time position in the Smart Instrumentation group. She is working at Teknovas location in Grimstad. Since 2017, she is also a professor in the Department of Engineering Sciences at the University of Agder.

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  • Benyamin Akdemir

    Benyamin Akdemir


    Telephone: 0047 9512 9578
    E-mail: bakd(a)norceresearch.no

    Technician, Smart Instrumentation.

    Designing and implementing microcontroller software for the HiNCube satellite.
    Designing and implementing hardware and software platform for UAV.
    Real-time operating system design for sensor synchronization.
    Image processing and pattern recognition.

    Key competence within real-time embedded hardware and software development using C++.
    Broad work experience in microcontroller programming, application development for desktop and web, and GPU programming.
    Primary programming languages are C++, PHP, C#, Java, HTML5, JavaScript

  • Boyan Yuan

    Boyan Yuan

    Senior Researcher

    Telephone: 0047 4683 8239
    E-mail: boyu(a)norceresearch.no

    Senior Researcher, Smart Instrumentation.
    PhD in advanced materials for electronic devices. University of Tokyo.
    Eddy current pulsed phase thermography inspection of overlay welded direct acting riser tensioner piston rod
    Dual frequency eddy current monitoring of thin-walled steel pipe.
    Acoustic emission detection-eddy current ultrasonic focusing instrumentation for permanent condition monitoring of pipeline.
    Smart composite structure and components for offshore oil and gas industry.

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  • Egil Herland

    Egil Herland

    Senior Researcher

    Telephone: 0047 4524 7946
    E-mail: eghe(a)norceresearch.no

    Senior Researcher, Modelling and Simulation.
    PhD in condensed matter physics. Theoretical studies of two-component superfluids and superconductors.
    Statistical analysis of residuals between geomagnetic model and measurements.
    Mathematical models of multi-physical processes in high-temperature system.
    Numerical models in COMSOL of flow, heat transfer and chemical reactions.
    Electromagnetic modelling of inductive power transmission.

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  • Ellen Nordgård-Hansen

    Ellen Nordgård-Hansen

    Senior Researcher

    Telephone: 0047 9925 5486
    E-mail: enor(a)norceresearch.no

    Senior researcher, Modelling and Simulation.
    PhD in modelling of aluminium electrolysis using nonequilibrium thermodynamics.
    Using multivariate calibration, Kalman filter and mpc controller to control a chemical process.
    Controlling waterfall discharge using first order step response model and Dahlin controller.
    Mapping of different solar cell production processes into materials tracking system.
    Designing, simulating and testing cooling concepts of varied types; forced air cooling, Peltier elements and different types of multiphase cooling.

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  • Hege Indresand

    Hege Indresand

    Senior Researcher

    Telephone: 0047 930 46 480
    E-mail: hein(a)norceresearch.no

    Senior Researcher, Cleantech.
    PhD in Analytical Chemistry: Spectroscopic analysis of atmospheric particulate matter.
    Smart environmental monitoring in industrial, construction and city settings.
    Project Cleantech Agder: Building a Technology and innovation network for Agder to reduce the human footprint while creating value and jobs.
    Cleanweb: The use of internet and ICT to solve todays’ environmental problems & resource deficiencies
    X-ray spectrometry: Surface analysis.

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  • Hilde Midtbø

    Hilde Midtbø

    HR / Administrative manager

    Telephone: 0047 9135 4423
    E-mail: himi(a)norceresearch.no

    Adm./HR manager.
    Business administration, marketing, english, coaching and psychology from universities and university college.
    HR / HSE, recruitment.
    Project management, business developer, marketing consultant and sales.
    Management coaching and change management.

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  • Katarina Grujic

    Katarina Grujic

    Senior Researcher

    Telephone: 0047 4641 7363
    E-mail: kagr(a)norceresearch.no

    Senior Researcher, Smart Instrumentation.
    PhD Physics. Specialization in integrated optics and optical micro particle manipulation.
    Online, contract-free condition monitoring techniques based on fibre-optics, laser, electromagnetics and ultrasonics.
    Optical techniques for measurement of extreme temperatures for metallurgical applications.
    Laser distance measurement and 3D imaging in harsh environmental conditions.
    Inferential sensing techniques for the purpose of cost efficient alternative to direct measurement methods.

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  • Kristine Blanch

    Kristine Blanch

    Finance manager

    Telephone: 0047 97117875
    E-mail: krbl(a)norceresearch.no

    Cand. Mag. in Economics and English from the University of Agder. Executive MBA from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH Bergen).
    Key competence within finance, controlling, projects and contracts.
    Broad national and international work experience from the oil and gas industry.
    Knowledge and experience within the research institute sector, public funding programs and the academic environment.

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  • Mads Fromreide

    Mads Fromreide


    Telephone: 0047 9805 5451
    E-mail: mafr(a)norceresearch.no

    Researcher, Modelling and Simulation.
    M.Sc. in physics from NTNU.
    Master’s thesis focused on detecting patterns of motion by a theory based on optimal paths, with applications to automatic navigation and traffic safety.
    Modelling and simulations of different physical processes.
    General background within applied science.

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  • Nabil Belbachir

    Nabil Belbachir

    Chief Scientist

    Telephone: 0047 4010 8137
    E-mail: nabe(a)norceresearch.no

    Chief Scientist, Smart Instrumentation.
    PhD in computer science under the thematic area of pattern analysis and machine intelligence.
    Smart cameras for application in industrial automation, safety & security, ambient assisted living and transport.
    Decision support systems by means of pattern analysis algorithms for a network of heterogeneous sensors.
    Embedded systems for local intelligence and efficient deployment in industrial applications.
    Senior project manager: Level-C certified under the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

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  • Nadia Saad Noori

    Nadia Saad Noori

    Senior Researcher Smart Instrumentation

    Telephone: 0047 9388 8245
    E-mail: nano(a)norceresearch.no

    Nadia’s background is in Computer and Control Systems Engineering. In addition to her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering (working on SCADA and distributed control systems), she also holds a master’s in applied science in Technology Innovation Management (working on open source platforms and innovation). She has 10 years combined experience in software engineering and in business and management.
    Nadia is Marie Skłodowska-Curie alumnus, she finished her PhD at LaSalle Ramon Llull University, Barcelona Spain, with specialization in operational research and coordination dynamics analysis using Graph Theory, Complex Networks and Discrete Events Systems (DES). Nadia came to Norway in 2017 as a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM) to join the University of Agder family in Grimstad and work with the iTRACK project team.
    Nadia held several managerial positions in her home country, Iraq, and her second home country, Canada. She worked as a product manager at a non-for-profit, Coral CEA in Ottawa, Canada. She was also engaged as a software developer with Blindside Networks Inc., the company behind the BigBlueButton, an Open Source Web Conferencing project.
    Beside software and product development, she worked for few years as Director of Admin and Finance for a British company operating in Iraq (Baghdad and Kurdistan Region)
    Nadia’s different engagements in research and practice provided a rich environment to develop skills in managing personnel with different backgrounds, different ethnicities, and different cultures. Working in harsh operational environments like Iraq required flexibility and agility in the analysis and digesting of information for timely and effective decision-making. Working in Canada, required a different set of skills in project management, product development and software deployment & delivery.

  • Nora Stray

    Nora Stray


    Telephone: 0047 4032 4165
    E-mail: nost(a)norceresearch.no

    Researcher, Modelling and Simulation.
    PhD in physics. Atmospheric dynamics.
    Modelling of electrodes for metallurgical processes, including development of user interface and software maintenance.
    Operational data analysis in the oil and gas sector.
    Statistical analysis of grid operation and distributed energy storage.
    Process modelling within thermodynamics, structural mechanics and fluid dynamics.

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  • Rune Schlanbusch

    Rune Schlanbusch

    Senior Researcher

    Telephone: 0047 9096 6133
    E-mail: rusc(a)norceresearch.no

    Senior researcher, Smart Instrumentation.
    PhD in attitude and translational control of rigid bodies with focus on spacecraft synchronization and formations.
    Developing prognostics and health management system towards offshore drilling industry.
    Modeling and simulation studies for developing downhole drilling instrumentation.
    State and parameter estimation by Kalman filters for various applications.
    Developing techniques for scale-up of metallurgical industrial processes through modeling and analysis.

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  • Svenn Anton Halvorsen

    Svenn Anton Halvorsen

    Chief Scientist

    Telephone: 0047 4802 9918
    E-mail: svha(a)norceresearch.no

    Chief Scientist, Modelling and Simulation.
    PhD in Numerical Mathematics, NTNU.
    Metallurgical Scale-up – Mathematical models for basic understanding of process scale-up or scale-down.
    Collaboration with Oxford University’s EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling. Teknova is one of two key collaborators.
    Process understanding and multiphysics simulations for various metallurgical processes: High temperature inductive heating, electrodes, Si-process, etc.
    Improved model for prediction of the gas/oil production ratio from oil-rim reservoirs.

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  • Thomas JJ Meyer

    Thomas JJ Meyer

    Business development manager

    Telephone: 0047 4644 2695
    E-mail: thme(a)norceresearch.no

    Born in France in the 80s, Thomas career started in the nuclear industry with an associated physico-chemistry education [1-2]. He then moved to England to pursue a BSc [3], master, PhD [4] in the field of photovoltaic energy. In 2010 he relocated in Norway and has been working since as a physicist and business development manager for youngest research institute in Norway, called Teknova.

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  • Timothy Charles Lommasson

    Timothy Charles Lommasson

    Senior Researcher

    Telephone: 0047 4539 8910
    E-mail: tilo(a)norceresearch.no

    Senior Researcher, Cleantech.
    PhD dissertation topic: thin-film compound-semiconductor photovoltaic solar cells deposited by vacuum physical-vapour-depositions, PVD, techniques.
    Determined advantage of distributed electrical energy storage in the low voltage grid for Agder Energy Nett.
    Initiated a Climit project for Cryogenic Carbon Capture, partners are Tel-Tek and Sustainable Energy Solutions
    Built new geometry for induction furnace design modelling.
    Invented solar cell optimization process for Innotech Solar.

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  • Tor Inge Waag

    Tor Inge Waag

    Senior Researcher

    Telephone: 0047 9340 4990
    E-mail: towa(a)norceresearch.no

    Senior Researcher, Smart Instrumentation.
    PhD Technical Physics from NTNU.
    Technical advisor.
    Signal processing.
    Finite element modelling.
    Fault detection, diagnosis and decision support methods.
    Geomagnetic modelling for wellbore position accuracy.
    Extremely low frequency electromagnetic communication.

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  • Ulrik Thisted

    Ulrik Thisted

    Senior Researcher

    Telephone: 0047 9767 8950
    E-mail: ulth(a)norceresearch.no

    Senior Researcher, Modelling and Simulation.
    PhD in magnetic and thermodynamic properties of superconductors.
    Casting and solidification processes.
    Process optimization in solar grade silicon production.
    Modelling of non-linear structural behaviour of steel structures.
    Construction and operation of a magneto-optic microscope.

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  • Åge Vik Såghus

    Åge Vik Såghus


    Telephone: 0047 9161 6235
    E-mail: agsa(a)norceresearch.no

    Researcher, Smart Instrumentation.
    Cand. mag in social sciences, University of Oslo.
    Eyes for a robot – making decisions based on computer vision.
    Detecting position of rotating furnace – camera and software.
    Documentation and counting of objects from packing machine.
    Complete information and communication system for toll roads. Number plate reading, coin machines, ticket printing, and RFID card reading.

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