Åge Vik Såghus

Åge Vik Såghus


Telephone: 0047 9161 6235
E-mail: agsa(a)norceresearch.no

Researcher, Smart Instrumentation.
Cand. mag in social sciences, University of Oslo.
Eyes for a robot – making decisions based on computer vision.
Detecting position of rotating furnace – camera and software.
Documentation and counting of objects from packing machine.
Complete information and communication system for toll roads. Number plate reading, coin machines, ticket printing, and RFID card reading.

Åge Vik Såghus is researcher in a 60% position at Teknova AS

He holds a Cand.mag. and an educational seminar from University of Oslo. Before and besides his position at Teknova he has experience from Digitalteknikk AS, as developer of ITC based automation- and monitoring systems. Within computer vision, he has experience from machine- and computer software for decision systems for robot control.

Åge is working at Teknovas location in Grimstad.