Arnoud Jochemsen


Telephone: 0047 98008801
E-mail: ajoc(a)norceresearch.no

Researcher, Smart Instrumentation.

MSc in Electrical Engineering of Delft University of Technology, with a specialization in telecommunications and a minor in avionics. The Master's thesis research was on the use of airborne weather radar for integrity monitoring of databases that are used for on-board navigation and guidance systems.
Arnoud has seven years’ experience in the airport industry, developing baggage handling systems and simulation software and more than four years of experience in the aerospace industry. He has broad multidisciplinary experience in various topics related to remote sensing and data processing, such as instrument simulation, earth observation, GIS and onboard data processing for Cubesats.
Arnoud is currently pursuing a PhD with a topic of hyperspectral image analysis of wood samples for rot detection at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. The objective of the research is to develop methods for the detection of rot hidden in underground and above ground wooden utility poles.
Arnoud is with Teknova since 2018. He is working at as part of the Smart Instrumentation group at Teknova’s location in Grimstad.