Ellen Nordgård-Hansen

Ellen Nordgård-Hansen

Senior Researcher

Telephone: 0047 9925 5486
E-mail: enor(a)norceresearch.no

Senior researcher, Modelling and Simulation.
PhD in modelling of aluminium electrolysis using nonequilibrium thermodynamics.
Using multivariate calibration, Kalman filter and mpc controller to control a chemical process.
Controlling waterfall discharge using first order step response model and Dahlin controller.
Mapping of different solar cell production processes into materials tracking system.
Designing, simulating and testing cooling concepts of varied types; forced air cooling, Peltier elements and different types of multiphase cooling.

Ellen Nordgård-Hansen holds an MSc degree in Physical Chemistry from NTH in Trondheim (currently NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology), and she has a PhD in physical chemistry from Leiden University. The PhD thesis was titled “Modelling of Aluminium Electrolysis Cells Using Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics”. The main purpose of the thesis was to improve process’ energy balance by considering in detail the different transport processes involved.

Ellen worked at Prediktor in Fredrikstad for 13 years. This gave her an extensive experience with modelling and control, working with very diverse processes like e.g. silicon refining or the water discharge of the Vøringsfossen waterfall. She programmed in i.a. C++, Matlab and Excel, and also used multivariate analysis. Working as a project manager for introducing material tracking systems, she got acquainted with the solar cell industry, from raw material to solar cells.

From 2009 to 2014 Ellen worked as a thermal designer at projectiondesign in Fredrikstad. From these years, she has experience in calculations, simulations and measurements related to natural and forced air convection, multi-phase cooling, thermoelectric cooling and acoustics.

Ellen has been employed at Teknova since 2015.

Ellen is working at Teknovas location in Grimstad.