Rune Schlanbusch

Rune Schlanbusch

Senior Researcher

Telephone: 0047 9096 6133
E-mail: rusc(a)norceresearch.no

Senior researcher, Smart Instrumentation.
PhD in attitude and translational control of rigid bodies with focus on spacecraft synchronization and formations.
Developing prognostics and health management system towards offshore drilling industry.
Modeling and simulation studies for developing downhole drilling instrumentation.
State and parameter estimation by Kalman filters for various applications.
Developing techniques for scale-up of metallurgical industrial processes through modeling and analysis.

Rune Schlanbusch received his BSc and MSc within satellite technology from Narvik University College (NUC). He achieved his PhD within Technical Cybernetics at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2012, based on his thesis “Control of rigid bodies – with applications to leader-follower spacecraft formations”.

Between 2012 and 2013, he worked as associate professor and coordinator at the Masters-studies within Satellite Technology, NUC, where he still holds an II position. His main areas of interest within research include modelling and control of rigid bodies, dynamical synchronization, hybrid systems, non-nonlinear estimation and Lyapunov analysis.

Rune started working in Teknova October 2013.

Rune is working at Teknovas location in Grimstad.