Timothy Charles Lommasson

Timothy Charles Lommasson

Senior Researcher

Telephone: 0047 4539 8910
E-mail: tilo(a)norceresearch.no

Senior Researcher, Cleantech.
PhD dissertation topic: thin-film compound-semiconductor photovoltaic solar cells deposited by vacuum physical-vapour-depositions, PVD, techniques.
Determined advantage of distributed electrical energy storage in the low voltage grid for Agder Energy Nett.
Initiated a Climit project for Cryogenic Carbon Capture, partners are Tel-Tek and Sustainable Energy Solutions
Built new geometry for induction furnace design modelling.
Invented solar cell optimization process for Innotech Solar.

Dr. Timothy C. Lommasson is a Photovoltaic Specialist with long experience in Solar Cell research and manufacturing. He also has experience in MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems), thin films, production equipment, and oil refining. He is most interested in the development of photovoltaic systems, electrical power production, production efficiency and elegant solutions for technical issues that impact society.

Dr. Lommasson has a PhD from the Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Department, University of Missouri. His dissertation topic was thin film CuInSe2 solar cells deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering. His MS thesis was on plasma physics. His BS degree in Chemistry is from the University of Nebraska.

He joins Teknova from Innotech Solar, ITS, where he was Co-founder and CTO. ITS repairs defects in solar cells by laser processing using unique automated equipment which is also highly flexible. During his years at ITS the production capacity was built up to 200 MW per year. In 2010, ITS won Innovasjon Norges prize for innovation, the Reodorprisen.

In addition, he has solar cell research, development and production experience from REC Solar, REC ScanCell , Solarex and the University of Illinois. During his years as Technology Manager at Scancell the annual production capacity was expanded from 15 to 250 MW. His group at Solarex held the world’s record efficiency for a CIS module.
His MEMS experience at SensoNor included process optimization, device modelling and production.

In the electronics industry he has experience from Applied Materials and Telic. Telic company produced photomask blanks. Their production of chrome thin films on glass was the first commercial use of magnetron sputtering.
Process control and quality control were his primary focus at the Phillips Petroleum Fairfax refinery.

Timothy Lommasson joined Teknova on August 1st, 2012.

He is working at Teknovas location in Grimstad and Kristiansand.