Martina Comes

Martina Comes

Senior Researcher

Telephone: + 47 411 82 609
E-mail: tco(a)teknova.no

Tina Comes
Senior Researcher, Smart Instrumentation
PhD on scenario based multi-criteria scenario based decision support
Associate Professor at the ICT Department, University of Agder
Co-Director of the Centre for Integrated Emergency Management

Research Topics:
Multi-Criteria Decision Support under risk and uncertainty with a particular focus on complex and dynamic situations calling for a high level of resilience and agility; applications in supply chain management, chemical industry, and public security
Collaborative and distributed decision support tools and architectures for coordination and process orchestration in complex networks (Supply Chains, Critical Infrastructures)
Performance driven risk monitoring with applications in routing, location, allocation; and scheduling problems
Dr. Tina Comes started her position at Teknova in May 2015.
Dr. Comes holds a PhD on the topic of “Distributed Scenario Based Decision Support” from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. Since then, her work has been dedicated to sensemaking and decision making of individuals and groups in the context of risk and crises. Drawing on analytical skills in mathematics, from 2011 to 2013 she led a research Group on “Risk Management and Decision Support” with a fundamental interest in the collaboration between experts and decision-makers in complex and uncertain situations. After joining the University of Agder as Associate Professor in IKT in 2013, she has expanded her research towards decision support systems in complex multi-actor environments using quantitative and qualitative research methods. Rooted in this orientation, she conducts research with stakeholders and decision makers in private companies, public authorities and international organizations. Much of this work was supported by national, European and international research funding.
Since 2014, Dr. Comes is deputy director of the Centre for Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM), dedicated to interdisciplinary research on disaster response ICTs and connecting the faculties Technology and Social Sciences. She is Visiting Professor at the Lamsade, Université Dauphine, Paris, and holds Fellowships of the Harvard Kennedy School as well as a Senior Research Fellowship from the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.
This multidisciplinary perspective on decision making and risk management is reflected in more than 80 publications in international journals and peer reviewed conferences as well as successful applications for national and international research funding, such as the Smart Mature Resilience Project, funded by the EU in Horizon2020 under the DRS-2014-07 scheme (2015-2018), for which she is the scientific coordinator.
To foster research on safety and security topics in the scientific community, Dr. Comes is engaged in the ISCRAM Association, an international research community on information systems for crisis response and management. She was conference chair in 2013 and 2015, member of the Board, and since she acts 2015 as Vice President. Besides this, Dr. Comes is active in the Steering Committees of different scientific conferences (AAAI Symposia, ECIS, Humanitarian Technology), and serves as expert evaluator for proposals and projects for the EU as well as several non-governmental organizations.
Tina is working at the Teknova location in Grimstad.