Nora Stray

Nora Stray


Telephone: 0047 4032 4165
E-mail: nost(a)norceresearch.no

Researcher, Modelling and Simulation.
PhD in physics. Atmospheric dynamics.
Modelling of electrodes for metallurgical processes, including development of user interface and software maintenance.
Operational data analysis in the oil and gas sector.
Statistical analysis of grid operation and distributed energy storage.
Process modelling within thermodynamics, structural mechanics and fluid dynamics.

Nora Stray holds a PhD in atmospheric physics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
Through the research in atmospheric physics Nora has got insight in data processing, remote sensing and fluid mechanics.

Nora is part of Teknova’s industrial mathematics team and simulates the physics behind industrial processes.

Nora has been working in Teknova since 2011.

Nora is working at Teknovas location in Kristiansand.