Machine Vision

Smart Cameras

Teaching machines to "see" in order to boost industrial processes.

Machine Vision

The core competence of Teknova is research and innovation related to advanced machine vision by means of new smart camera sensing and pattern analysis methods. Cutting-edge technologies and information fusion is applied for solutions in applications such as industrial automation, condition monitoring, surveillance and health care.

Smart cameras are visual systems that collect and interpret images. Such systems are key elements in many industrial, safety and security processes.

In industrial systems the main challenge is to efficiently customize camera technologies to specific applications, while maintaining high performance, reliability and sustainability.

Furthermore, high-complex industrial (harsh) environments typically involve heterogeneous sensors, including cameras, providing information at different intervals. In order to achieve balanced analysis and decision making, real-time capabilities are required.

Machine vision incorporates data from visual, optical, thermal, acoustic, and microwave sensors for advanced camera performance. In particular, Teknova focuses on real-time machine intelligence for industrial applications.

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