• Kristine Blanch

    Kristine Blanch

    Finance manager

    Telephone: 0047 97117875
    E-mail: krbl(a)

    Cand. Mag. in Economics and English from the University of Agder. Executive MBA from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH Bergen).
    Key competence within finance, controlling, projects and contracts.
    Broad national and international work experience from the oil and gas industry.
    Knowledge and experience within the research institute sector, public funding programs and the academic environment.

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  • Hilde Midtbø

    Hilde Midtbø

    HR / Administrative manager

    Telephone: 0047 9135 4423
    E-mail: himi(a)

    Adm./HR manager.
    Business administration, marketing, english, coaching and psychology from universities and university college.
    HR / HSE, recruitment.
    Project management, business developer, marketing consultant and sales.
    Management coaching and change management.

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  • Thomas JJ Meyer

    Thomas JJ Meyer

    Business development manager

    Telephone: 0047 4644 2695
    E-mail: thme(a)

    Born in France in the 80s, Thomas career started in the nuclear industry with an associated physico-chemistry education [1-2]. He then moved to England to pursue a BSc [3], master, PhD [4] in the field of photovoltaic energy. In 2010 he relocated in Norway and has been working since as a physicist and business development manager for youngest research institute in Norway, called Teknova.

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  • Nabil Belbachir

    Nabil Belbachir

    Chief Scientist

    Telephone: 0047 4010 8137
    E-mail: nabe(a)

    Chief Scientist, Smart Instrumentation.
    PhD in computer science under the thematic area of pattern analysis and machine intelligence.
    Smart cameras for application in industrial automation, safety & security, ambient assisted living and transport.
    Decision support systems by means of pattern analysis algorithms for a network of heterogeneous sensors.
    Embedded systems for local intelligence and efficient deployment in industrial applications.
    Senior project manager: Level-C certified under the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

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  • Svenn Anton Halvorsen

    Svenn Anton Halvorsen

    Chief Scientist

    Telephone: 0047 4802 9918
    E-mail: svha(a)

    Chief Scientist, Modelling and Simulation.
    PhD in Numerical Mathematics, NTNU.
    Metallurgical Scale-up – Mathematical models for basic understanding of process scale-up or scale-down.
    Collaboration with Oxford University’s EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling. Teknova is one of two key collaborators.
    Process understanding and multiphysics simulations for various metallurgical processes: High temperature inductive heating, electrodes, Si-process, etc.
    Improved model for prediction of the gas/oil production ratio from oil-rim reservoirs.

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  • Tor Inge Waag

    Tor Inge Waag

    Senior Researcher

    Telephone: 0047 9340 4990
    E-mail: towa(a)

    Senior Researcher, Smart Instrumentation.
    PhD Technical Physics from NTNU.
    Technical advisor.
    Signal processing.
    Finite element modelling.
    Fault detection, diagnosis and decision support methods.
    Geomagnetic modelling for wellbore position accuracy.
    Extremely low frequency electromagnetic communication.

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