Svenn Anton Halvorsen

Svenn Anton Halvorsen

Chief Scientist

Telephone: 0047 4802 9918
E-mail: svha(a)

Chief Scientist, Modelling and Simulation.
PhD in Numerical Mathematics, NTNU.
Metallurgical Scale-up – Mathematical models for basic understanding of process scale-up or scale-down.
Collaboration with Oxford University’s EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling. Teknova is one of two key collaborators.
Process understanding and multiphysics simulations for various metallurgical processes: High temperature inductive heating, electrodes, Si-process, etc.
Improved model for prediction of the gas/oil production ratio from oil-rim reservoirs.

Svenn Anton Halvorsen holds a degree as Master of Science in Technical Physics from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). He has a doctor’s degree in Numeric Mathematics from NTNU, and his thesis was on modelling, analysis, programming and simulation of equations for transverse movement of oil pipes at the ocean floor.

Svenn Anton spent 20 years working with research and development at Elkem Kristiansand. He has worked on several projects on process understanding and industrial use of mathematic models. At Elkem Research he was involved in metallurgic Si-processes, Al-production, smelting electrodes, flow and segregation of particulate materials, electric calcinations of carbon materials as well as other areas of research. Svenn Anton also taught several subjects at Elkem University, one of these being the understanding of the Si-process.

In 2001 Svenn Anton left Elkem and started his own business focusing on consultant services in industrial mathematics. He did this for 7 years, and his assignments varied from simple Excel-models to advanced calculations and mathematical analysis. Customers were, among others, several units within Elkem, Xstrata Nickel, Norsk Hydro, Statoil, Air Products and Hennig-Olsen.

Svenn Anton is now a part of Teknova’s industrial mathematics team. Because of his long and relevant experience he now has great knowledge on how to use mathematical models in the industry. Passing on the knowledge and achieved results has also proven to be one of Svenn Anton’s great qualities. He also has great knowledge in programming. He has a broad network of contacts throughout the industrial mathematics environment in Europe. Svenn Anton has been working in Teknova since 2008.

Svenn Anton is working at Teknovas location in Kristiansand.