Tor Inge Waag

Tor Inge Waag

Senior Researcher

Telephone: 0047 9340 4990
E-mail: towa(a)

Senior Researcher, Smart Instrumentation.
PhD Technical Physics from NTNU.
Technical advisor.
Signal processing.
Finite element modelling.
Fault detection, diagnosis and decision support methods.
Geomagnetic modelling for wellbore position accuracy.
Extremely low frequency electromagnetic communication.

Tor Inge Waag is Master of Science in Technical Physics from NTH (now the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU). He also holds a PhD in Experimental Physics from the same university. His thesis was on signal processing in studies of protein molecules using photon correlation spectroscopy and static light scattering.

Tor spent 18 years at Sintef Petroleum Research (previously known as IKU) working with Research and Development in offshore instrumentation, including one year as a scholarship holder at Chevron Science Center in La Habra, USA.

He has been involved in several projects in propagation and detection of sound waves and electromagnetic fields: acoustic, seismology and ultrasound, as well as employed self-developed modelling programs using geomagnetism for positioning of boreholes. At IKU he participated in the early stages of exploring both field collection and on board processing of seismic data from the Barents Sea.

Tor has also taught laboratory in General Physics at NTNU, worked as a teaching supervisor and an external examiner of master theses both at NTNU and at the University of Stavanger.

In 2000, Tor left Sintef to join the technology company Sensorlink AS as manager of Research and Development. The projects and products he worked with varied from advanced geomagnetic calculations, to signal processing for high-resolution ultra sound, finite element modelling and development of electromagnetic sensors. Tor has extensive experience with Matlab and Comsol Multiphysics. Customers were shore-based industries, oil companies and offshore companies.

Tor is currently a part of Teknova’s group for measuring technology. As a result of his long experience he is familiar with how various sensors, measuring equipment and mathematics/statistics can be useful in the industry. Tor has teaching qualities and is able to popularise and present complicated topics. He has broad experience in mathematic modelling and signal processing, and is well-connected in the offshore sector.

He has been affiliated with Teknova since 2009.

Tor Inge is working at Teknovas location in Grimstad.