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  1. NORCE - A pioneer in Norwegian Research and Innovation

    The company's formal registered company name will be Norwegian Research Centre AS. In NORCE, the leading research companies in southern Norway merge into a research giant that will make this area of Norway a leader in research, innovation and value creation.
    With its headquarters located in Bergen, NORCE will gather the forces of the Bergen-based Uni Research AS and Christian Michelsen Research AS, International Research Institute of Stavanger AS headquartered in Stavanger and Agderforskning AS and Teknova AS in southern Norway. NORCE was established this autumn under the preliminary project name Forskningsselskapet SørVest AS, and has recently employed Elisabeth Maråk Støle as CEO. Now the brand name is also in place.

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  2. Vacancy at Teknova within Industrial Testing

    Teknova is a research and innovation institute located in the Agder region. The institute carries out private and/or public funded interdisciplinary projects for the industry, environment, and energy sectors. The main mission of Teknova is to bridge research with the technological trends and develop innovative solutions to our partners and customers.

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  3. Managing director of Forskningsselskapet SørVest AS

    Managing director of Forskningsselskapet SørVest AS

    Elisabeth Maråk Støle comes from the position as managing director of Møreforskning AS. She was born in 1968, is a graduate economist and has broad experience from industry, business and research, and is very familiar with the university and university college sector. She has extensive management experience and holds a number of directorships in private and state-owned companies.

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  4. Steel and Fiber Ropes Seminar

    Steel and Fiber Ropes Seminar

    Specialist Seminar
    November 27th - 29th 2017

    Teknova, together with University of Agder, GCE NODE, Kristiansand commune, Vest and Aust Agder are proud to announce the second steel and fibre ropes specialist seminar, 27th to 29th of November 2017. The program includes lectures around the topic of:

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  5. Workshop - Digitalisering og Industri 4.0 i Agder

    Teknova, Aust- og Vest-Agder fylkeskommuner inviterer til workshop hos Mechatronic Innovation Lab (MIL) i Grimstad. Målet med workshopen er å presentere resultater fra spørreundersøkelse og intervjuer med utvalgte bedrifter i Agder rundt temaene digitalisering og Industri 4.0. Workshopen har alle industribedrifter i regionen som målgruppe, og vi vil søke å finne felles initiativer som flest mulig kan stille seg bak og videreutvikle.
    Workshopen er støttet av Aust- og Vest-Agder fylkeskommuner.

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  6. IKT en en viktig muligjørende teknologi i havrommet

    IKT en en viktig muligjørende teknologi i havrommet

    Invitasjon til workshop-serie 20. april, 4. mai og 8. juni i strategisk fremtidsanalyse for anvendesle av IKT i havrommet.
    Vi presenterer et nytt prosjekt som vil gi bedrifter og aktører i Agder grunnlag og møteplass for oppstart av nye aktiviteter, bl.a. generering av prosjektsøknader til høstens utlysninger innen IKT/marine/maritime temaer.

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  7. Teknova goes Horizon 2020

    Teknova goes Horizon 2020

    Teknova gets involved in the Horizon 2020 project “iTRACK” under the work programme “secure societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens”.

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  8. SFI WP5 visit Bridon Technology Centre

    SFI WP5 visit Bridon Technology Centre

    Bridon Technology Centre (BTC) is a world leading centre of excellence for rope technology development, analysis and verification. The visit to BTC was triggered by the potential opportunities in utilising Bridon large diameter rope test equipment to validate the work performed under the SFI work package five. Topics such as: correlation in between downscaled test rigs using ropes 1cm diameter versus full sized test rigs using 15 cm diameter ropes and lubrification of strands were discussed.

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  9. UiA and Teknova Visit Klüber Lubrication in Munich

    UiA and Teknova Visit Klüber Lubrication in Munich

    Klüber Lubrication, Teknova and UiA had a full-day meeting in Munich on January 27. Klüber are world-leading specialists in lubrication and tribology competences, and bring mechanical engineers and chemists together. Sensors for lubricant condition monitoring were discussed and UiA and Teknova were shown the extensive labs and test facilities available for the SFI partners. Klüber’s main interests within the SFI are mainly linked to WP5 Condition Monitoring. Several areas for future collaboration within Condition Monitoring were identified

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  10. EPSRC Centre For Doctoral Training In Industrially Focused Mathemeatical Modelling

    Teknova participate in InFoMM, Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling, at Oxford University.
    This innovative four-year Centre for Doctoral Training has 12 fully funded doctoral studentships available annualy. The students that enter this programme has two 10 week mini-projects with one of the 40+ company partners in the programme.
    Jane Lee, a Doctoral student at Oxford University UK, had one of her mini-projects at Teknova in 2015. Read her newletter from her stay in Kristiansand:

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  11. Full house for Cleantech Agder 2015

    Full house for Cleantech Agder 2015

    The Cleantech Agder 2015 conference was the first time stakeholders, inventors and businesses from all of the region met to learn about relevant buisness ideas, and discuss Agder's potential for Cleantech. Agder has the pillars to be a competitor in the Cleantech marked. The next step is to figure out how.

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  12. Water Management

    The Green Shift, an opportunity for Agder
    Climate change and population growth causes global challenges; among the most important is shortage of clean water. For Agder, this is an opportunity to take part in solving a fundamental problem.

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  13. Mathematical tools for redesign of high temperature processes to meet future requirements

    Mathematical tools for redesign of high temperature processes to meet future requirements

    Teknova has been awarded a competence project within the Research Counsil of Norway’s programme BIA. BIA funds industry-oriented research and has no thematic restrictions. This broad-based programme supports high-quality R&D projects with good business and socio-economic potential. In cooperation with the industrial partners Eramet, Elkem and Alcoa, and the academic partners NTNU, University of Oxford and University of Santiago the Compostela, we will approach the challenges regarding Mathematical tools for redesign of high temperature processes to meet future requirements.

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  14. Explosion proof optical lenses & windows

    During this project, the team composed of Teknova researchers and Hernis engineers have defined the optical prescription required on the protective lenses. The team moved then to identify a manufacturing process that could be cost effective and reproductive.

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  15. En kort kikk inn i framtidas teknologiske muligheter for landbruket

    En kort kikk inn i framtidas teknologiske muligheter for landbruket

    Det var tittelen på innlegget Rune Schlanbusch holdt for unge vordende bønder ved Dølen Hotell på Evje 11. august 2017 i regi av Landbrukets Samarbeidsråd Agder. Her ble tilhørerne tatt med inn i forskningens og innovasjonens verden for å få et overblikk over hvilke typer teknologier som finnes på markedet, hvilke som er under kommersialisering, og hvilke som er under utvikling.

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  16. Cleantech Agder 2015 Conference Program

    Teknova and the City of Kristiansand invite companies, researchers, stakeholders, inventors, and students from Agder to an exciting program 24. and 25. of September at "Grønt Senter" (Odderøya). The Business idea competition En ren Idé received 22 ideas. Five of these will pitch their idea to the conference audience and the winner is the the idea with the most "investments" made by the attendees.

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