Teknova partners:

  • Agder Research AS

    Agder Research is one of 12 regional research institutions in Norway, out of a total of 70 research institutions, 20 of which are focused on social science research. Agder Research runs social science research and development projects regionally, nationally and internationally. They develop and deliver relevant research-based knowledge to politicians, businesses and the community. As a professional partner with a solid academic foundation and close cooperation with the University of Agder, Agder Research will contribute to new understanding and change in businesses, organizations and society.

  • Arena Solenergiklyngen - Arena Solar Energy Cluster

    Teknova is a core partner in Arena Sol. Arena Sol is the basis on which we can establish a solar energy cluster, Arena Solenergiklyngen. The partners in Arena Solenergiklyngen will cooperate on innovation and commercial development. Our cooperation in projects will certainly benefit from synergies between partners and result in value creation. Arena Solenergiklyngen represents the entire solar energy value chain. Through this cooperation we strengthen the Norwegian solar industry.

  • CMR

    The Chr. Michelsen Institute of Science and Intellectual Freedom (CMI) was established in 1930, as the first independent research institute in Northern Europe. CMR aims to be an attractive and recognised research group, with high quality, diversity and equality. The vision of the present CMR is to conduct research for industrial development. They offer their clients analyses of complex issues, as well as solutions, through prototypes and demonstrators. "From an idea to a product" is their guiding principle, placing them in the intersection between research and industry.

  • Cleantech Agder

    Project for the building of “Cleantech Agder” as the organ that contribute to positioning the Agder region as a Cleantech participant.

  • Digin

    Digin is one of Norways largest ICT-clusters. It consist of ca 60 small and medium ICT-firms, located in the Agder Region in south-Norway. They have 77 members, 1150 employees and a total revenue of NOK 1,75 billion.

  • Elkem

    Elkem is one of the world’s leading companies for environment-friendly production of materials. Its principal products are solar grade silicon, silicon, special alloys for the foundry industry, carbon and microsilica.

  • Eyde-nettverket

    The Eyde-network was established as an important cluster organization and motor for industrial development in South-Norway in 2007. The member businesses which are owned by some of the world’s largest corporations produce specialized products for the global market. The companies export about 90% of their production. The combined annual turnover is around 1.5 billion USD, yearly spending on R&D is above 40 million USD and during the last 10 years they have invested around 1.4 billion USD. Total numbers of employees for the nine members are about 2500. From 2010 the Eyde-network has been a member of the national Norwegian cluster programme Arena under the name Arena Eyde.


    GCE NODE is a leading global technology cluster comprised of more than 60 companies in the southern part of Norway (Agder region). NODE companies deliver everything from complete platform solutions to high-technology equipment for use on platforms and ships. Their client list includes both national and international rig owners as well as oil and shipping companies.

  • GPMS

    Green Power Monitoring Systems LLC, Vermont, USA. They develop and deliver Low Cost, Light Weight Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) for the Helicopter Community, facilitated by bused, smart MEMS sensors.

  • IRIS

    IRIS is an independent research institute with high focus on applied research within the fields of technical-natural and social sciences. Their target areas are improved oil recovery, automated drilling and environmental monitoring.

  • Sørlandets Kompetansefond

    The Competence Development Fund of Southern Norway (CDFSN) shall contribute to raising the level of competence in the county of Vest-Agder in order to secure jobs and good living conditions. Competence here means the ability to create and utilise knowledge for practical purposes. Institutions that receive grants are required to develop knowledge at university and university college level. Support may be granted to public or private research/educational institutions, local authorities, and to public and private enterprises. Funding is not granted to individuals.

  • Tel-Tek

    Tel-Tek is a national research institute with focus on energy efficient processes and low emission. They are a project contractor and conduct projects for and in collaboration with industry and public enterprises. Through research, development, technology transfer and advisory services, they aim to contribute to strengthening the development of a competitive industry, and encourage new businesses. They combine expertise in R&D and business development to create new opportunities and develop results-oriented solutions.

  • Universitetet i Agder

    Agder University College was established by a merger in 1994, when the six public regional colleges in the Agder counties became one institution. The University College received full university accreditation and became the University of Agder on 1 September, 2007. In 2012, the University of Agder has approximately 10,000 students, 1000 employees and an annual budget of about 950 million NOK.

  • VRI Agder

    The program “Virkemidler for regional FoU og innovasjon» (VRI) is the Research Council of Norway and the region’s special initiative to support R & D in Norwegian regions. The program aims to contribute to increased innovation and rise in value in the regional industry and commerce.