Building Integrated Photovoltaics for Norway

Clean Technologies project: Teknova's Anne Gerd Imenes leads the first work package on performance of BIPV/BAPV installations in Norway in this large collaboration project supported by the Research Council of Norway from 2015 to 2018.

Building Integrated Photovoltaics for Norway

The BIPVNO project objective is to identify and develop robust BIPV-solutions that are suitable for Norway and to provide a scientifically founded knowledge-base for future developments of new materials, components and solutions that can be tailor-made for the Norwegian climate and solar irradiation conditions. 

BIPV Norway is organized in four work packages addressing the following issues:

(WP1) Performance of BIPV/BAPV-installations in Norway

(WP2) Technical integration of photovoltaics in buildings

(WP3) Challenges with snow and ice formation

(WP4) Solar irradiation issues related to Nordic conditions

Two PhD candidates will work with a focus on experimental laboratory investigations of building integrated photovoltaics with respect to durability and robustness, and advanced materials surface development for preventing snow and ice formation on building integrated photovoltaics. 

Various key activities for BIPV Norway will be (WP1) data collection and documentation, system performance evaluation, technical and architectural integration, (WP2) developing robust components and solutions, accelerated aging and durability testing in Nordic climate exposure, testing and investigating the link between aesthetic quality and PV efficiency, environmental assessment and carbon footprint evaluations, (WP3) snow and ice influence on solar energy yields, snow and ice impact on surface robustness and durability, advanced materials surface development for avoiding snow and ice formation, (WP4) effect of diffuse and variable spectrum radiation on energy production, and advanced materials and solutions for better utilization of insolation. Nevertheless, although there is a focus on Norwegian climate conditions and building traditions within BIPV Norway, these will also be valid for many other countries and geographies, and international collaboration and participation at various levels are anticipated.

Scientific team consists of:

Bjørn Petter Jelle, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure & NTNU

Tore Kolås, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry

Inger Andresen, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure & NTNU

Reidun Dahl Schlanbusch, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure

Anne Gerd Imenes, Teknova & University of Agder

Sean Erik Foss, Institute for Energy Technology

Erik Stensrud Marstein, Institute for Energy Technology

Josefine Selj, Institute for Energy Technology

This work has been supported by the Research Council of Norway and the partners Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Teknova, Statsbygg, Glass- og fasadeforeningen, Omsorgsbygg, Backegruppen, Rambøll, Asplan Viak, NorDan, Isola, Getek Solar and FUSen through the project ”Building Integrated Photovoltaics for Norway" (BIPV Norway).

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