Energy Optimization Off-Shore (EOOS)

The Energy-Optimization-Offshore (EOOS) project was a Petromaks project that ran from 2010 to 2014 with 11 partners involved. The project resulted in 19 journal articles, 16 conference articles, 1 presentation and 5 posters on different methods for energy optimization offshore, with a strong focus on organic rankine cycle (ORC) for waste heat recovery.

  Energy Optimization Off-Shore (EOOS)

The scenario for this project was energy optimization of three STG-500 Gas Turbines by Siemens located at the Draugen Offshore Platform owned by Shell. The main objective was:

"Optimization of electrical energy production through efficient measures on existing offshore oil and gas installation"
- goal was to reduce fuel consumption in the range 15-20%
- reduce emissions to atmosphere"

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