Environmental monitoring that makes sense


The ENSENSE project works with sensors all the way to reporting in the field of environmental monitoring with the goal of providing the industries in the EYDE cluster with a smarter environmental monitoring capability.

The vision of a zero-emission society and the ongoing race for businesses to become more sustainable is causing a new shift in environmental protection of the onshore process industries in Norway. Technology, strategy, organization and the total framework of environmental monitoring must adapt and evolve to respond to future requirements and possibilities. Accordingly, research on cost-effective methods of measurement (data acquisition, sensors), systems for "big data sharing" and user interfaces ("Industrial Internet," reporting) is needed. Furthermore, increased cooperation between industries, municipalities and public authorities is required.

The ENSENSE research group is currently funded by the Norwegian Research Council in a BiA Pre-project. The goals of the pre-project is to document the practical experience and challenges industries and municipalities currently possesses, and to identify requirements, trends and opportunities in this field to build on for the future. Several included limited research activities seek to increase knowledge of relevant issues. 


Eydeklyngen, Glencore Nikkelverk, Elkem, Saint Gobain, Eramet, Kristiansand Kommune, Kodehuset, Frameworks, NIVA og Teknova



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