The Green Shift, an opportunity for Agder

Climate change and population growth causes global challenges; among the most important is shortage of clean water. For Agder, this is an opportunity to take part in solving a fundamental problem.

We have high competence within water treatment: Our offshore industry has world leading competence within liquid handling and separation technologies. Our production plants treat large volumes of water and are placed here due to inexpensive hydropower and access to effluent into and cooling from seawater. Fishing and fish farming are largely based on water knowledge.

Based on a result from the Teknova managed “Cleantech Foresight project”, Sørlandet Kompetansefond and NODE has granted funding for “water management”. This project aims to be a catalysis for creating new opportunities in the region. Teknova leads in close cooperation with Agderforskning and UiA. In addition to the above organizations, the partners are Glencore Nikkelverk, Kristiansand Havn KF, Krisitansand Kommune, National Oilwell Varco, NIVA and Lister Nyskaping.

Project goal:

This main goal is to place the Agder Region in a leading competency position in selected areas of water management that focus on minimized environmental impact through water conservation and treatment.

This will be achieved through several target goals:

Identify niches for developing the existing water treatment technology base considering advantages put forth by the Agder region, the global marked potential, and a Gap analysis to identify the expertise we should have. Furthermore, by charting interests, conditions and motivational reasons for participation from external commercial operators to partake in collaboration to develop laboratory facilities and an economically sustainable infrastructure. This information is vital in facilitating and securing continued operation following a possible subsidized start-up period.

Identify other research groups or clusters in Norway, and find partners (like “the water cluster") and areas of collaboration, and also identify topic areas where the Agder region can become leaders on a national level.

Establish cooperation with relevant international knowledge hubs.

Build a sustainable and lasting cooperation between stakeholders in water management in southern Norway that aim to develop and share cutting-edge technology in water treatment.

Identify business opportunity areas for utilization and further development of local R&D, technology suppliers' (subcontractors) expertise and infrastructure against existing and new markets.

For example in topic areas such as eco-friendly ballast water treatment, municipal wastewater sewage, gray water, process water, drinking water, methods to prevent biofilm and algae growth, desalination, separation processes and more. 

Propose paths for moving forward (phase II):